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Distributor Data Solutions, Inc. (DDS) was established in 2005 to address many of the challenges manufacturers face in the area of processing channel sales data.

With manufacturers losing hundreds of thousands of dollars each year paying incorrect commissions, calculating erroneous group administrative fees, and inaccurately monitoring sales campaigns and promotions, DDS is able to help organizations improve efficiency and reduce costs in their sales administration operations.

Is your business struggling with properly identifying facilities due to the complex parent-child relationships within group purchasing organizations, distributors, wholesalers, IDNs and healthcare systems? Or, are you requiring the proper tools to validate and monitor rebate and chargeback claims?  Are sales and marketing opportunities being lost due to not being able to collect and analyze sales tracings and rebate claims data?

These common challenges result in massive reporting errors and lost revenue.  DDS specializes in solving these issues for your business.  After a thorough assessment of your organization’s requirements, a comprehensive solution is recommended based on your individual needs and budget.

Our knowledgeable staff and advanced technology platform offer an optimum solution for your organization.

We look forward to assisting you in improving your sales and reporting functions.