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At DDS we know that no one solution is right for everyone. This is why we provide our clients with a proven, yet flexible offering of services that streamline and lower the cost of processing channel sales data. To provide your company with the most accurate, secure and cost-effective results, DDS has built an enterprise services platform that consists of the following:

Professional Services Team

DDS Professional Services Team

Our team of skilled data analysts and sales operations professionals are focused on one thing...providing you with accurate and timely results.  With many years of experience providing channel data processing, cleansing, validation, and reporting services, our professional services team provides a specialized approach to understanding your business and working to deliver results that meet your needs. 
Data Manager Solution

DDS Data Manager™ Solution

As a scalable enterprise-grade software solution that provides our team with the tools to deliver the services our clients demand, DDS Data Manager™ insures that we can handle all of your channel sales data processing and reporting needs. With this we are able to build and manage a data warehouse for each of our clients that will meet every company’s specific data reporting needs.

Business Intelligence and Enterprise Reporting icon

DDS On-Demand™ Business Intelligence (BI) and Enterprise Reporting

DDS On-Demand™ provides a high performance, scalable enterprise Business Intelligence platform capable of delivering deep insight with interactive dashboards and superior analytics through web browsers, mobile devices and Office applications.  This integrated reporting, analysis and monitoring software enables companies to analyze their channel data and make improved decisions about their business.

Data Management Proven Process

DDS Proven Process

Our process of Collect, Cleanse, Validate and Report has helped many organizations lower costs and streamline their sales operations function.  We are continually striving to deliver the most accurate, efficient and cost effective methods of providing our services.

We bring these practices to you and guarantee the results!