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Reports distribution

As each company is unique, we tailor our reporting to meet the individual needs of your business by offering standard reports as well as custom designed layouts. Available reports may be in the form of large, Excel spreadsheets with thousands of transaction details, or may be formatted as trend reports, pivot tables or summary reports. Data reports may be delivered as an email attachment, a file posted to the DDS secure file share web site, or an on-demand report available 24x7 on our DDS On-Demand™ web portal.

DDS will work with each business to understand the information requirements and develop the appropriate report with the needed delivery mechanism. 

Data Management Proven Process

DDS reporting services include:

  • Server-based reports delivered in Excel, Word, CSV, TXT or Access format
  • Hosted secure file share site
  • Self-service DDS On-Demand™ web portal
  • Email alerts
  • Status reports
  • Automated email distribution
  • Custom data extracts